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PE coated paper

DingCheng (XiaMen) Machinery Co.,Ltd. / 2010-05-11

PE coater paper
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PE coated paper
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PE coated paper
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Detailed description of products:

The raw paper used in paper cup mainly include PE paper and kraft paper. And it primarily adopts the membranes such as PE,PET ,aluminum foil and so on.


After PE coating, PE coated paper can be flat and rolling. (flate paper is cutted by Horizontal Cutting Machine). And the wall of the cup  usually sizes in 3 inches,6 inches or 12 inches.


The quantitative range of raw paper is usually between 170gsm and 350gsm. the paper cup (hot cup) can be used in containing ready-to-eat water ,tea ,drink and milk after the processing of single PE coating,and the paper cup(cold cup) is availabe for containing cold drink,ice cream after the processing of double PE coating.


The paper bowel can be used in containing and infusing instant noodle and soup blend after single PE coating of the wall of bowel and double PE coating of the bottom of bowel.


The gramweight of the raw material of paper barrel is heavier of 400g/sm. The paper bowel can be used in containing expanded food and snack food after double PE the barrel used in KFC.


Usually, PE is high pressure and low density polyethylene.which is film grade and coated grade. And the heat sealing ability of latter is better,  and it is sold at home and abroad.


The raw paper used in paper cup is non-coated. PE is coated  by calcium carbonate and french chalk on the surface of paper.After coating ,Paper surface will be more smooth and glossiness .The raw paper used in making cup is of food grade quality and without fluorescent whitening agent.


The raw material our company exported is mainly paper cup raw paper (PE coated Paper) for our reasonable price and large export quantity. If you want to purchase raw material ( PE Coated Paper), Please tell us the gram weight and size of raw material you need also where you want to import to. Our product will certainly satify you. 

PE coated paper for sale

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