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Maxi Rolls Paper Production Line
  • Industrial Roll Small Rolled Paper Production Line

Maxi Rolls Paper Production Line

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Different from our previous machines and similar machines from other companies, our newly designed machines are innovative and improved with the below characteristics.
1.         Toilet paper rewinding machine adopts full metal wallboard structure
2.         Transmitted by timing belt
3.         Speed increase by 20%-30% comparing with old frame type machine
4.         Low working noise, durable transmission
5.         Air pneumatic controlled perforating unit. Replace the old sawing blades with imported blades, which can wear well with long time. No need to adjust the blades within 1 year of usage. Delicate perforating lines and indicates superior grade quality.
6.         High speed log saw machine with nice-designed grinding structure, full improve the sharpening effect. Metal wallboard structure, with improved clamp tool structure. Convenience at changing of clamps of different specifications.
7.         High cost performance, obvious advantages among similar products.
Machine Model
Width (mm)
Finished Products Diameter
Φ 90~300mm (Tightness can be adjustable)
Finished Products Inner Diameter
50 -76 mm
Jumbo roll diameter (mm)
Φ 1200MM
Jumbo Roll Inner Diameter
3”,76.2 mm (other sizes can be ordered)
Perforation distance (mm)
4 knife(blade),90~160mm;2 knife(blade),180~320mm
Production speed
0-250 m/min
Parameter set
Man-machine Interface Operation System
Programmable controller
PLC program
Mechanical driving
Driven by stepless speed-regulator to guarantee the precise length of final products.
Jumbo roll stand
2 plies
Air pneumatic system
5 Pa (air-compressor), the minimum pressure 8kg/cm2 pa (customers should be prepared by themselves)
6.5-18KW  (Frequency speed-regulate )
Overall size
7 X (2.8-3.8) X 1.8 M(L×W×H)
ONE embossment
Embossment down roller
rubber roller
Perforation mode
Air pneumatic separating unit
High-speed Log Saw Machine
Rolled core length
Different in rolled core length, different in machine price.
Finished products diameter
sizes from 150-300mm can be ordered)
Horizontal cutting length
Changeable, Servo control, Tolerance ±1mm
Machine speed
40-70 cuts/min, 1 rolls/cut
Operation speed
60cuts/min, 1 rolls/cut
Function model
Spiral rotating the round blade & Continued Paper Roll Marching
Driving control
Servo motor driving
Knife grinding
Pneumatic grinding wheel, time can be controlled on panel
Round blade outer diameter
Clamping tool
Exchangeable (outer diameter of finished core can be designated.)
Finished products specification:
Rolled core outer diameter
Cutting length
Left-over length
Machine size
LXWXH (M) = 9 X 2.8 X 2.2M
Weight of equipment
Note: This production line is of high production efficiency. With the production speed of 250m/min, Machine Model 1575 can produce up to 4 tons of finished paper product in one working day (8 hours); while Machine Model 2800 can produce up to 6.5tons.

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Anonymous user( 2017-04-14 21:40:16 ) Give comment Comment
Dear sir, I would like to set a small scale tobacco rolling paper factory. please may i know all the machines needed from begining to end of finished product. may i have quotation for machines and the materials including cost of transport to Nigeria. What are the raw materials needed and Where will i Get the materials from and what profit will i get from one tone of raw marterial and means of payment?
dcmachineReply:( 2017-04-17 14:27:12 )
Dear sir/madam,we are very happy for reciving your inquiry of Industrial Roll Small Rolled Paper Production Line,your questions are very detail ,which is helplful for us to anser your question completely,and our workers will give you the detail reply.thank you.
Anonymous user( 2016-11-01 13:17:24 ) Give comment Comment
Hi I am interested in the toilet paper machine and the automatic log saw and single automatic packaging machine. Can you please send the price for each one Thanks Jamal
dcmachineReply:( 2016-11-02 14:07:40 )
Dear sir/madam,thank you for your inquiry about the Industrial Roll Small Rolled Paper Production Line.our workers have sent the detail information of the machines to your email.pls kindly check it .thanks a lot.
Anonymous user( 2016-08-24 18:14:49 ) Give comment Comment
Dear Sir I am looking for a band saw or a log saw to cut industrial roll of diameter up to 300 mm. I do not need a high speed machine. My mobile number is 23052549513 and I can be joined on whatapps. Kind Regards Harold Ng
dcmachineReply:( 2016-08-25 13:36:38 )
Dear sir, we will send you the quotation and technical parameter of Industrial Roll Small Rolled Paper Production Line, thank you.
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