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N Folded Hand Towel Machine
  • N Folded Hand Towel Machine

N Folded Hand Towel Machine

  • NO.:DC-KTM220-240/2-7
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N Folded Hand Towel Machine

N Folded Hand Towel Machine




Main Features
This N-folded (also called three folded, trifolded) hand towel machine can fold the hand towel into “N” shape after embossing and slitting. The products processed by it are mainly used in hotel, office and kitchen for hand wiping.
This machine is advantageous in its unique vacuum suction system, automatic counting and dividing device, fast speed and accuracy in counting. It can also add glue lamination unit to produce 2-ply hand towel. This is the most advanced technology in this field, and the finished 2-ply tissue will be embossed separately and then laminated by glue, it makes the finished product puffy and soft.
Technical Parameter

DC-KTM220-240/2-7 Lanes (As per your need)
Finished products size(mm)
220-240mm(L)*230mm(W); (Other size can be ordered)
Raw material diameter
1200mm (other size can be ordered)
Raw material core diameter
76.2mm (3")
0-180m/min (Depending on the machine model)
Power control
Frequency conversion speed regulator
Program controller
Mitsubishi PLC,LCD screen operation panel
Folding Type
Vacuum Absorber “N” fold
Lubrication Unit
Automatic key parts regular lubricating
Transmission Unit
Timing belt
Electric counting, Ink marked
Embossing Unit
Steel to Steel, Pneumatic pressure adding, cross embossing
Laminating Unit
point to point gluing
Slitting Unit
Pneumatic dot slitting
Machine Structure
Standard Structure Complete close structure
Vacuum System
Roots Type Vacuum Pump 11-32KW
Pneumatic System
3HP Air Compressor, Mini Pressure5kg/cm2 Pa
7.5 -11KW,380V 50Hz (Other voltage need order)
7 * (1.73-2.45)*1.85m
3-5 T, depend on the size and configuration













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Anonymous user( 2017-10-30 03:49:26 ) Give comment Comment
Hello sir. The export manager. We are interest in your hand towel making machine to purchase. Pls. Let us know the following (1) f. o. b price of model dc-ktm220-240/2-7 (2) raw- materials (3) sample of your finished product hand towel of your manufacturing machine
dcmachineReply:( 2017-10-30 15:22:50 )
Dear sir/madam,thank you for your inquiry about the N Folded Hand Towel Machine.our workers have sent the detail information of the machines to your email.pls kindly check it .thanks a lot.
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