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Semi Automatic Napkin Paper PE Bag Packing Machine (DC-NP-PM1)

Semi Automatic Napkin Paper PE Bag Packing Machine (DC-NP-PM1)

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Napkin Paper PE Bag Packing Machine
Napkin Paper PE Bag Packing Machine

I. Introduction:
Model name: DC-NP-PM1  Napkin Paper PE Bag Packing Machine
This machine is used to pack the napkin paper as the picture shown above.
II. Function and Features:
This bagging and sealing packing machine is for soft drawing face tissues, napkin paper ,square tissue etc, with convey belt and together with bagging and sealing .Adopting PLC control, displaying data ,with data setting, control with precise orientation .The heating wire is not easy to damage and with high-temperature proof sticker ,with easy operation ,and easy in-put data. The packing sealing effect is very good ,in good order, at fast speed to save labor cost and make the manufacturing cost lower ,then increase the production efficiency .The whole machine is stable , main control parts are imported superior parts, others are national standard superior parts.
III. Technical Parameters
Packing speed: 10-16 packages/min
Power : 220 V,50 HZ(For your reference, can be ordered)
Air Pressure: 0.5 MPA (Prepared by client)
Total power: 0.4 KW+0.8KW
Packing size: 130-210* 95-165 * 50-110mm (should point out size)
Machine size: 1380*800*1020 mm


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Anonymous user( 2010-07-28 22:56:29 ) Give comment Comment
I am in Uganda Kampala i would like to know the price of the following machine DC-NPM-180/500III-2 napkin machine DC-NP-PM1 napkin packing machine
dcmachineReply:( 2010-07-29 14:41:24 )
Dear sir/madam,thank you very much for your inquiry.our worker are arranging the quotation list of the machines,and will sent it to your email soon,pls check it.
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